Cats are clean animals. But the kittens should be accustomed to the pot, as well as small children. It happens that some kittens themselves find where the toilet is. These kittens find a toilet

For the cat-mother and use it for the intended purpose. And what to do if the kitten brought into your house does not know the toilet? First of all, be patient. In the process of accustoming the kitten to the toilet, the most important thing is patience and affection. Never poke a kitten with his nose into the puddle made by him. The kitten just does not understand what he's being punished for. A few simple tips on how to teach a kitten to the toilet.

  1. If you notice that the kitten is coping with the need for unintentional places, put the bowls with food in these places. Since cats are very clean, they will not foul where they eat. You can do it differently: put a cat toilet in these places, and then transfer it to the right place.
  2. You noticed that the kitten marked some of the places that he liked. Wipe these places with some very strong smelling substance. Just do not use chlorine-containing substances; because the smell of bleach does not scare the cat off, she likes it.
  3. That the kitten willingly went to his tray, wash it more often and change the filler.
  4. The kitten should always have access to its toilet tray.
  5. Feed the kitten preferably at the same time, and after meals immediately take it to the toilet. Do this until the kitten itself has become accustomed to going to the tray.

There are owners of cats who do not like the presence of a cat's tray in their toilet room. For them, the best option - to teach the cat to cope with their affairs in the toilet. To do this is not so difficult, only you need to be patient and spend a little of your precious time. To start such training is necessary when your pet is already accustomed to the tray. First you will need to move the tray in close proximity to the toilet and bring the cat there a couple of times so that she will remember where her tray is now. The next step is to gradually raise the tray level. For this you can use old newspapers, magazines. Gradually increasing the height of the tray, you bring it to the level of the toilet seat. After that, remove all the stands, and put the tray in the toilet. The main thing is for the tray in the toilet to stand firmly and not stagger. When your pet falls a couple of times in the tray, standing in the toilet, we remove the tray and hide it. The tray must be hidden securely so that the cat can not find it by its smell. In this case, your pupil simply will not have another way out, how to use the toilet for your needs. On the instruction of a cat to a toilet bowl can go from one week to two months. There are cats that choose for them a toilet bowl. If you have such a pet, you are lucky. My grandmother and a friend of mine liked a cat for her toilet bath. And falls clearly in the hole for draining the water. You decide whether you agree with such a "toilet" or not. If your cat is used to going to the toilet in the toilet, then free access to the toilet should always be to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

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