It is known about the treatment of certain diseases with the help of cats. This therapy was called animal therapy.

In Scotland, Edinburgh scientists have investigated the dependence of the state of human health and the availability of pets, and also checked which animal is the most "healing" for humans. The experiment involved more than ten thousand people, whose age was from 40 to 85 years. It was found that the most "effective" for their owners are cats. The owners of cats were less infarcts than people who did not have any pets at all, and 10% less likely than dog lovers. Cats affect men, prolonging their life established by scientists. Cats lower the pressure. And it happens during stroking cats. We know that the increase in pressure is due to vasospasms and overstrain. Stroking a cat, you relieve psychological stress. In Sweden, Germany and France it is customary to keep specially trained cats in rehab centers and nursing homes to communicate with sick people. None of the animals, except the representatives of the cat, can not purr. The cat purring is a sound oscillation with a frequency of 20 to 50 Hz. Scientists have established that such sound fluctuations have a beneficial effect on humans, since they affect the pleasure center in our brain. Cats with their purring not only relieve stress, but stimulate the autonomic nervous system and the tone of the vessels. Cats have a very developed part of the brain, which is responsible for emotions. Therefore, your kitty not only guessed your mood, but also feels your ailments. They perfectly define the center of pain and try to help you, lying down on a sore spot or next to it. The truth is there is an opinion that cats are just looking for a warmer place, and an inflamed, sore spot has a higher temperature ... Do you want to believe that your cat is a healer or not, but the main thing: you love your cat, and she loves you.

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