Most often, foreign bodies enter the cat's body when they ingest small objects. So, playing, cats, and more often kittens  grab  small balls, lumps of threads, nuts, pebbles and other and can inadvertently swallow them.

Sharp objects that have got into the mouth of a cat, can get stuck in the esophagus, larynx, mouth and cause there suppuration. Sometimes some large objects that do not have sharp edges, during the vomiting, can themselves leave, without much harm to the animal. When swallowing a foreign object, while it freely moves through the intestines, the cat does not experience any discomfort. However, if the body is stuck in the lumen of the intestine, having penetrated into its wall, the cat vomits, it refuses to eat, is constantly in a depressed state, there is no stool, and the intestines swell. If you try to palpate the stomach, the cat will experience painful sensations. The final diagnosis is set by the doctor on the clinical picture of the disease. Sometimes you may need to take an X-ray. In some cases, you can provide first aid to the affected animal. It is necessary to induce vomiting in the cat. To do this, you need to pour the spoon of table salt onto the root of the animal's tongue. Sometimes a swallowed object can go out together with vomiting. If you are so unlucky, then in the veterinary clinic they will carry out an operative intervention according to all the rules. To prevent ingestion of foreign objects, you need to monitor the feeding regime of the animal, no give sharp bones, toys must be soft and of a sufficiently large size. Pay special attention to the selection of toys for kittens.


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