Cats are very cautious in nature, but they are also very playful. They are injured not only in battles with their relatives over the territory, but also by jumping from subject to subject.

Five minutes ago your pet was playing and jumping, and now suddenly began to limp. This means that your cat has a dislocation. Dislocations are divided into two types: complete and incomplete. With complete dislocation, the ends of the bones do not touch each other completely. The contact is partially preserved with incomplete dislocation. This is called subdislocation. If the dislocation in the joint zone does not injure the skin, then such a dislocation is called simple. If a dislocation breaks the skin, soft tissues, tendons, vessels, then such a dislocation is called complicated. When dislocated in addition to lameness and unnatural position of the cat's limb, you can see that the limb is elongated or, conversely, becomes shorter. If extensive hematomas are observed, then the signs of dislocation can be obscured. Treatment of dislocations is mechanical. The doctor performs local anesthesia and corrects the dislocation. First he pulls out the limb, and then sits the bone in the normal position. In this case, a characteristic click is heard. After the dislocation treatment, passive and active movements are made. To avoid a secondary dislocation, the animal is given a bandage for 10-15 days.

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