кошка и цветы

кошка и цветы


Many of us have houseplants. We cherish them, cherish them and do not think about the fact that our plants can be dangerous for our health and the health of our pets.

Cats, and especially kittens, like to chew the leaves of house plants very much, and this does not always end favorably for your pet. To maintain the health of your cat, choose the right home plants. Some plants are undesirable to have in a house where there are animals. For example, dieffenbachia. This plant causes very severe burns on the mucosa, up to the formation of blisters. The leaves of the flower dieffenbachia contain poisonous acid, which causes burns of mucous tissues. And this acid also affects the functioning of the lungs. If a large amount of this plant has got into the cat's body, the animal may suffocate. The leaves and roots of helleborus contain a toxic substance that adversely affects the functioning of the heart muscle. If a cat is poisoned by this plant, then in the mouth and in the stomach it develops painful sensations, vomiting and diarrhea may begin. The leaves of pothos contain a poisonous substance that irritates the oral cavity, throat, and tongue. And with severe poisoning, there is a digestive disorder. The berries and leaves of the hedera contain poisonous substances. If the cat ate such leaves and berries, then it may start vomiting and diarrhea, and a burning sensation in the throat and stomach is assured by 100%. Flowers spathiphyllum cause burning sensation of mucous tissues. The poisonous substance is found in all parts of the caladium plant. Getting into the animal's body, causes inflammation in the throat and tongue. The tongue can swell and block the air, the cat will suffocate. Hydrangea is a flower in which both leaves and flowers are toxic. They contain cyanide ions, which interact with the saliva of the cat, form a toxic compound. If the cat is poisoned by this plant, she has severe pain in the abdomen, upset stomach, vomiting. Sometimes a cat can tremble tremendously, which indicates a violation of the heart, lungs, kidneys. Euphorbia is of many varieties and they are all poisonous. The juice of this plant contains a large number of toxins and causes inflammatory processes in the body. Galanthus is a very poisonous plant not only for cats, but for humans. In the water, where snowdrops stood, the poison concentrates. Do not let your cat get drunk with this water. The flowers and berries of this plant contain poison, which causes not only digestive system disorders and inflammatory reactions, but can lead to heart rupture. The juice of calla leaves causes burns of the mucous .. The leaves of the plant Philodendron contain poisonous acid. Getting into the mouth and throat, it causes severe burning. Also in the leaves is a substance that disrupts the kidneys. Pollen Lílium is very toxic to the cat's body and poses a serious danger to the health of your pet. Be careful with the selection of indoor plants, and you keep your pet health.

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