Milk cat moms have the best food for a kitten, while it's quite small. When the cat can not feed the kittens, then the milk mixtures come to your aid.

Kittens can be accustomed to "adult" food from the age of three weeks. But do not feed them forcibly! Do not open their mouths and stuff pieces of food. The kitten should start to eat the lure. Usually it happens at the age of 3-4 weeks; sometimes the kitten begins to eat itself at the age of one and a half months. After three months, you can offer a kitten grated cheese on a fine grater, liquid semolina porridge, a bit of beef raw minced meat or a meat chopped boiled chicken. Most kittens very well eat ground beef. It's funny to watch a baby growl eating meat. The first portions of complementary foods should not exceed 5-10 g per day. Remember that the stomach of a kitten the size of a thimble! Increasing portions should be gradual. When your pet reaches the age of two months, it is necessary to limit the amount of milk and milk porridge in its diet, and at the age of three months to exclude milk altogether. In the stomach of an adult cat there are not enough enzymes that process lactose. If you are categorically against dry food, then you can give the kitten a boiled fish, pre-selecting all the bones. Boiled chicken meat, chicken cartilage is useful. You can give a boiled chicken heart once a week. It is necessary every day to give the kitten half of the chicken yolk. You can give cottage cheese, various cereals, filling them with vegetable oil. Stewed or boiled beef liver can be given no more often than once a week. When you give boiled beef meat to your little kitten, try not to cut it into small pieces so that the kitten develops the jaw muscles by chewing them. Necessarily in the ration of the kitten should be present boiled vegetables. Cats love canned peas and corn. They can also be given to kittens. To your pet received vitamins, add a few drops of fresh juice to the food. Do not forget about the water. It should always be fresh and accessible to it must be free. It is better to pour water in porcelain or glassware. Up to three months of age, kittens are eaten 6 times a day, while eating 120-150g of food. The period from three to six months is the period of the most active growth. Consequently, the food kitten consumes 180 to 220g four times a day. During this period, the ration of the kitten must have raw meat every day. From six to nine months, the active growth of the kitten continues. Food in this period, he eats a day 200-250g with three meals a day. But by the eleven months the activity of growth and development is declining, therefore, the norm of food consumption (up to 180-220 g per day, two meals a day) also decreases. After eleven months your grown-up pet goes to the diet of an adult animal: 150 to 200 g per day with a two-time meal. Do not forget that for a cat, as for a person, proper nutrition is a guaranteed source of energy and health.

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